Dekalake District Ratepayers
Enhancing Our Community

Dedicated to enriching community life through improved infrastructure. Our projects include enhancing lake access, upgrading roads, and ensuring a safer, more connected environment for all residents.

Preserving Nature's Beauty

Committed to the conservation of Deka Lake, we focus on protecting its unique ecosystem. Our efforts encompass maintaining water quality, combating siltation, and preserving the diverse local wildlife and plants.

Building Spaces for Everyone

The Mountain Spruce Community Centre and Park embodies our vision for inclusive, communal spaces. It serves as a hub for events, recreation, and leisure, fostering a vibrant community spirit.

Strengthening Community Safety

Our Citizens on Patrol (COP) program exemplifies our proactive stance on safety and security. We are dedicated to preventing vandalism and break-ins, ensuring our neighborhood remains welcoming and secure.

Deka Lake and District Ratepayers Association
Mission Statement

The Deka Lake and District Ratepayers Association (DLDRA) is a non-profit, independent organization comprised of residents and property owners from Deka, Sulphurous, Hathaway, and Higgins Lakes who are dedicated to enhancing the general well-being of our community. We aim to build on established relationships with Cariboo Reginal District, various Government Ministries, and other Community Associations, fundraise to ensure monies are available for community projects, and support area projects that safeguard our environment and enhance our quality of life.

Our Accomplishments

Deka Lake & District Ratepayers Association
A Brief History

The Association received its Certificate of Incorporation under the Societies Act of B.C. onDecember 3, 1987. The signatories on the Application were Ken Newton, Roberta Santick, Gus Collins, Maxine Todhunter, Pat Monger and Sharon Pawlyk, witnessed by Marion TraillThe primary purpose was, and still is, to safeguard and promote the common interests of the property owners and residents of our area.